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Hello there Rosary lovers! In this post we will briefly direct readers to where they might buy a Rosary online.

Buying a Rosary online isn’t as simple as it may first appear. Sure, you can look at some pictures and go ‘OoO’ and ‘Ahhh’, but you never really know what the Rosary will be like when it arrives.

I have bought a few rosaries online, and my experience has been mixed. Unfortunately, one was reputed to be really sturdy, and was lush when it arrived. But after only a few months, it completely fell apart.

I’ve bought more rosaries from local shops, but these too have been an enormous disappointment. I had one for a few months, and then another for bearly a month. Both broke and were impossible to fix.

Then I was given a free rosary from a Catholic nun. I figured it would last because a nun had given it to me, but likewise it broke after only a couple of months.

So: I have a LOT of experience with rosaries breaking. I’m sick of rosaries which break I think they are useless.

What’s the point having a rosary that breaks after only a short while? You go to the trouble of getting it blessed, praying with it and becoming attached to it. And then the thing breaks on you!

And even ‘cheap’ rosaries aren’t that cheap since they don’t do the job and break after a month or so. You generally look at paying at least £5 for one of these rosaries, and even ones around the £15 bracket break.

So I went in search of rosaries that couldn’t break. One person suggested I look for wooden rosaries. They tend not to break because they tend to be bound with rope or thicker string.

In the end, I landed upon paracord rosaries. I have no idea how I discovered paracord rosaries, only that as soon as I saw them I was hooked. I searched and searched for days, trying to find one I could really invest in, one I would be perfectly happy with.

I found one. It had green paracord rope, steel beads and a marvelous gold crucifix, with a picture of the Holy Spirit on it. I loved that rosary. I still have that rosary, and prayed with it for months and months.

However, I have placed this rosary in my special draw, because I don’t need to use it right now.

The reason why is because I purchased a more accessible, and overall, better Rosary from this amazing company (click here).

This company made me a custom rosary at my request, after I asked for details about what I wanted. I ended up with the PERFECT ROSARY.

It stays in my pocket all the time, unless I hold it to pray or unless I’m sleeping or showering. It comes with me everywhere: to work, whilst I’m looking after my children, to the toilet, etc.

And best of all: it is unbreakable. It is much smaller than my other Rosary, and so fits very well in my pocket. I can also take it out to pray with it whilst walking in public and no-one gives me a weird look because it’s not a big green rosary, unlike my other one 🙂

So I really recommend this company. Please check them out and check out some of their products. They don’t have the biggest stock, but you can always ask if they can do you a custom rosary, and see what they say.

Either way, the stock they do produce is outstanding. I’m still thinking about perhaps buying another one, since I’ve got my eyes on the red one.

All the best, and I hope this post was helpful.

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