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Hello there Rosary Lovers! In this review post, I will be introducing you to Bishop Sheen Rosaries (this is an affiliate link).

Bishop Sheen Rosaries is an excellent company that creates outstanding paracord rosaries.

Why Paracord Rosaries?

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve tried a number of different rosaries and this is because most of them have broken. Had your first rosary not broken, you’d probably still be using it!

Most of the rosaries I’ve bought in the past have broken surprisingly quickly, often within a few months and some much faster than that. I was even given a rosary by a nun once that she had been using, and it broke within a matter of weeks.

The difference between most rosaries and paracord rosaries is that paracord rosaries won’t break. They last, ideally, for a life-time. One purchase and you’re set for life, or at least for many years.

Not only this, but paracord rosaries often look great. The paracord is thick and with the right colour you can find yourself a rosary the likes of which no-one has ever seen before and that everyone wants.

The first paracord rosary I purchased had green paracord, with stainless steel beads, and gold crucifix. It’s a real beauty. When my priest blessed it, he told me he wanted it!

When I look for rosaries these days, I don’t choose anything that isn’t paracord. There are not many rosaries that last as well as paracord ones, and in my experience these are the best ones to go for.

To invest in a paracord rosary is to invest in a rosary that will hopefully stay with you forever and that you can pass onto the next generation. It’s a truly worthy investment.

Where to Find Paracord Rosaries?

Searching the internet, it is not all that easy to find paracord rosaries. Amazon, for instance, doesn’t have many at all.

Contrast this with Bishop Sheen Rosaries. Their selection is only paracord rosaries.

Though their stock is rather small, the quality is incredible.

Even better, if you use this coupon code 1ROB6245 you’ll get 10% off.

Every purchase you make goes towards helping to fund a school in Uganda.

Here is a taster of some of their stock.

The Hallow Rosary

purple rosary

My wife has just purchased this Hallow Rosary from Bishop Sheen rosaries. She’s very happy with it.

As you can see, it’s a gorgeous, attractive, purple paracord rosary. In my experience, purple is a very rare colour for a paracord rosary, so this is a rare find.

It’s shiny, with an eye-catching crucifix.

This is an extremely well-made Rosary, and will last a LONG time. The price was unbelievably reasonable for a product of this kind.

It is not large enough to wear round the neck, but the beads are certainly big enough to not lose your way whilst praying the Hail Marys.

This is an outstanding product, I rate it 10/10.

The Franciscan Rosary

Here is another Rosary from Sheen Rosaries, the Franciscan Rosary.

I am rather fond of the Franciscans and have wondered about joining the Order of Secular Franciscans in the past.

The look of this Rosary is very Franciscan. You have the brown beads, made of copper, so very sturdy. The black cord gives the finishing touch of Franciscan-ism.

The crucifix is a San Damiano cross, associated with St Francis.

This is a belter of a Rosary, and would probably last a life-time.

Rating: 10/10

The Lepanto Rosary

The Lepanto Rosary is inspired by the Battle of Lepanto, an extraordinary battle in which the Western world won an extremely important victory in the 16th century. And it was all thanks to the Rosary!

The quality and look of this Rosary is top-notch. The contrast of the red paracord and the Gun-metal beads is very hard to beat.

This is one of those rosaries that everyone would want to buy if they saw you carrying it in Church!

Absolutely solid Rosary, and I may well get one myself.


The Carpenter Rosary

The moment I saw the Carpenter Rosary, I knew I had to invest in one.

This version has brown copper beads, a good look for a carpenter-themed rosary.

But I asked if they could customise mine by changing the beads to Bethlehem Olive Wood beads. I thought this would be more fitting for the ‘wood’ theme of carpenters. The company kindly obliged at no extra charge and said it was no trouble at all.

Sheen Rosaries are very approachable. Ask them to customise something, or mix and match, and see what they can do for you.

I love the Crucifix on this Rosary also. It is a very wooden-looking cross, especially on the back, where it has lots of wood-like grooves.

Last year was the Year of St Joseph, who was a carpenter, and so this Rosary was created for that occasion.

However, Sheen rosaries are still producing this Rosary, and don’t look set to remove it any time soon.

I’m extremely happy with it. I have it in my pocket ALL the time. At work, at home, and it’s one of the last things I touch before I fall asleep and it’s one of the first things I touch when I wake.

This rosary has become a very close friend of mine. I would feel like something was missing if I forgot to have it in my pocket at work.

It’s great to pray with. You can just whip it out of your pocket and go for it. Because it’s not terribly flash, people don’t look at me when I pray it walking down the street.

This has become my favourite Rosary. I’m very happy that I bought it, and it was exceptionally reasonable.


Other Rosaries

This company also do other rosaries. Here are some pictures.

Captain of the Guard Rosary

Padre Rosary

Crown of Thorns Rosary

Monte Cassino Rosary

That’s it for now! That gives you some kind of an idea about the products of this wonderful company.

Please do check them out and see if they have something that can impact your life for the better!

Happy Rosary Hunting!

God bless.

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