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Hello there my dear Mary-loving friends. ‘If only I could find an unbreakable Rosary!’ I said this to myself last year. I was fed up with buying another new rosary and it breaking on me – yet again – after just a few months.

ALL my rosaries broke!

This happened to me multiple times. The first set of rosary beads I bought were a good companion to me and lasted a while, but only because I didn’t use them all that much. Still, after a few months, they broke and I was unable to fix them.

I had bought a rosary for my wife, so I decided to make use of this. But after just a few weeks, it too came apart and I was unable to fix it.

Then a nun handed me a free rosary, for which I was grateful. It was a nice, large rosary. But this too, after just a few weeks, came apart. My father-in-law kindly fixed it for me, but it came apart again and fell apart so much that I couldn’t possibly repair it.

So I looked online and bought a rosary that looked more sturdy. It was a little more costly, but the reviews were good.

This rosary was a dear friend for a few months, but alas it too broke!!! First the crucifix came off, and so for a while I used it without the crucifix. Then the rest came apart in my pocket.

I was upset about this because I had come to really like that rosary and liked the feel of the metal beads. It was impossible to fix.

This was extra annoying because I had gotten all of these rosaries blessed from different priests.

Paracord rosaries

After all these attempts, I had had enough. I got online and looked for unbreakable rosaries.

What came up were paracord rosaries. The makers of these rosaries claimed that you can’t break these rosaries and they should last a lifetime. Even if they lasted a few years, I thought, that’s far better than just a few months!

So I purchased a gorgeous, hefty green paracord rosary. It was very expensive, but it was worth it. That rosary and I spent A LOT of time together for months and months.

Eventually, I came across a great company which you can read about here, and see their stock. Whilst they don’t have a large selection of paracord rosaries, they certainty have outstanding paracord rosaries.

I just had to get one, and might be getting another soon. They even custom-made mine, so that I bought the St Joseph’s Carpenter’s rosary with olive wood beads, instead of copper beads.

This rosary has replaced my other larger green paracord rosary. This is because it’s smaller and fits nicely into my pocket and I can easily take it out and use it whenever I pray. On the whole, it is simply much more accessible.

Sometimes, less is more. My green paracord rosary has all the bells and whistles, but my St Joseph’s paracord rosary simply has a gorgeous, smaller, wood-looking metal crucifix and olive wood beads. It’s no more complicated than that.

Why does a rosary need to be more complicated than that? Sure, it’s lush to have a rosary which looks AMAZING, with different colours and a medal and lush crucifix, etc. etc. But the point of the rosary is to pray with it. That’s it’s only purpose, really.

Neither of these rosaries show any sign of breaking any time soon. I won’t be buying any other rosaries from now on if they are not made of paracord.

==> So I encourage you to check out these paracord rosaries, and see if they might suit you <==

If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll be happy to get back to you.

God bless.

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