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Hello there my dear Rosary lovers! This post is especially close to my heart since it is about that most holy and excellent devotion of praying 4 rosaries a day.

I’ve already written elsewhere about how to pray the rosary everyday. You can check that out if you wish.

This is different though, because this is praying 4 rosaries daily. Let’s look at this most wonderful of devotions.

The Rosary is meant to be prayed as a whole

It is often forgotten today that the most holy Rosary of the blessed Virgin Mary was not originally meant to be split apart.

What I mean is: the common practice of praying just 5 decades a day was not the original or most authentic method of praying the Rosary.

Now, there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with praying just 5 decades of the Rosary a day! This equates to one Rosary! It is an excellent practice and devotion to do this daily.

If you don’t pray the Rosary, I strongly encourage you to begin by just reciting one decade a day (1 mystery, 1 Our Father, 10 Hail Marys and 1 Glory Be).

You can move on from there to one Rosary of 5 decades: that is, 5 mysteries, 5 Our Fathers, 50 Hail Marys, 5 Glory Bes.

So I’m a MASSIVE fan of the 5 decade Rosary. The only Rosary beads I possess are 5 decade Rosary beads, and these are designed for the 5 decade Rosary.

But I am an even greater fan of the ENTIRE Rosary, whether this is 3 rosaries a day (15 mysteries) or 4 rosaries a day (20 mysteries).

This is the best way to pray the Rosary. To pray the WHOLE of it daily.

That is: ALL of the mysteries. In one day. Everyday.

This is what many of the saints have done. This is what Pope Francis does, and has done for years.

My Experience of this Devotion

In 2021, I began praying the entire Rosary daily. I began with 3 rosaries a day, then quickly increased this to 4 rosaries a day.

For a time I tried 5 rosaries a day, but I felt there was no way I could keep this up.

So I remained at 4 rosaries daily.

This practice almost overnight transformed me as a person.

Life became much, much sweeter, as well as simpler.

I began to want to pray rather than do ‘worldly things’ like watching films or listening to music. Fun and pleasurable things began to lose their attraction.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with these things, and they are a wonderful blessing from God. I am merely telling you that I just began to lose interest in them all.

The only thing I really found pleasure in was prayer. This wasn’t constant, but it was much more heightened than it had ever been.

I discovered that the more of the Rosary I prayed, the more I WANTED to pray it.

The sweetness and preciousness of the Rosary increased the MORE I prayed it.

It goes without saying that my love for Mary and Jesus grew MASSIVELY.

Sins I had long struggled to conquer, such as impatience, getting easily irritated, or anger outbursts, immediately gave way to grace.

It was like this devotion unlocked a key to a secret that I needed.

This was proof to me that praying 3 or 4 rosaries a day is an EXTREMELY powerful discipline.

To me, it seemed that there are only certain sins and struggles that will surrender to this sort of extended devotion daily. I’m sure there are others, but this is what worked for me.

I had a very hard year in 2021, for all sorts of reasons. I was hit with big thing after big thing. There were times I thought my mind was cracking.

The only thing that kept me standing was this most holy devotion: praying 4 rosaries a day.

I was so devoted to this devotion that I kept it up without failing a single day (so far as I can recall) for over a year.

There were nights when I was so desperate to sleep, and yet still I had one more Rosary left. I would always complete that last Rosary and then fall asleep.

Some days I even did 5 rosaries a day.

It was the happiest year of my life. It brought such profound meaning to my life that it’s impossible to describe it.

I believe that this was the year that I truly experienced life as it is supposed to be lived. Life with Christ, every moment, every hour, every part of the day.

I had NO doubts about the existence of God this year. My faith was kept alive constantly. When I didn’t pray the Rosary, my faith would almost collapse.

However, I did begin to have real struggles with scrupulosity and a form of religious OCD, perhaps in part enhanced by my firm devotion to this discipline.

I began to get anxious about whether or not I was in mortal sin. I began to worry that my first confession and/or other confessions had been invalid.

Eventually I visited my doctor, since my OCD was in a bad way. The doctor helped me, but I believe this was a result of Mary’s care for me.

Where I’m at Now: 3 Rosaries a day

Now I am at that point in my life where I have had to drop one Rosary a day. Usually, I only manage 3 rosaries a day, and sometimes not even that.

I am far more busy than I was in 2021. Last year we still had lockdowns. I wasn’t working because I was constantly looking after our two sons with my beloved wife.

This year, God is doing very different things in my life. I work 3 days a week at a Garden and Hardware Store (which I really enjoy). 3 days I look after my two sons on my own.

I only get 1 full day off a week (Sunday) with my wife and children.

Plus, I run this website about 2 or 3 evenings a week.

So, sadly, I don’t get anywhere near as much chance to pray the Rosary these days. I can’t in work because often I need my brain, nor when I’m home alone with my sons. Looking after 2 young boys on one’s own leaves very little ‘me’ time!!

Nevertheless, I can usually manage 3 rosaries a day. Usually one in the morning, and then half of one in the afternoon, and the rest in the evening.

I often make use of pre-recorded versions of the Rosary, which have music. I find these helpful because sometimes I find it helps me pay more attention. These also pray faster than I can.

However. My heart yearns to go back to the 4 rosaries a day.

It was BY FAR the greatest blessing of my life that I’ve ever discovered.

It was tangibly and considerably better than the 3 rosaries a day I do now.

There is something about doing that extra rosary.

The 4 rosaries a day was the one thing that made the most obvious positive impact on my daily mindset and psychological wellbeing.

I miss the Luminous mysteries a lot. I’ve had to cut them out so that everyday I can pray the 15 traditional mysteries.

I feel as a result that I am missing a lot of the life of Christ daily because of this.

I was really happy (most of the time) when I did this devotion. It was very, very life-changing.

Life was so beautiful when I did it, and everyday I had this one challenge, which was achieveable: I must pray 4 rosaries today.

I would feel such a sense of achievement when it was completed each day. I used to tell myself: ‘This is the most important thing I will do today.’

Anyway, I’ve spoken enough about this. That’s my testimony, but there are plenty of others.

I encourage you strongly to check out this amazing selection of testimonies from people who do this, and what God has done for them.

I also highly recommend this video.

The Holy Spirit is awakening many souls to this incredible devotion to God and his Mother, our Queen, Mary full of grace.

It goes without saying that without a set of rosary beads, you probably won’t be able to sustain this discipline. Check out this page to help you with that.

May God bless you greatly and if you wish to get in touch, you know where to find me.

4 Replies to “Praying 4 Rosaries a Day”

  1. I was delighted to find this! I only knew a little about rosaries and wanted to learn more.

    In your opinion, is it better to pray with one? From what I read here, it indeed looks like it. For now I use my good old Bible but hope to get one in the future.

    1. Hello there! That’s wonderful you want to learn more about the Rosary!

      Yes, it is definitely better to pray with a set of Rosary beads. We get more blessings when we pray using a blessed Rosary (blessed by a priest). And the Rosary is designed to be prayed with the rosary beads.

      If you’re interested, this post offers a wonderful Catholic company in the States where you can buy awesome, very sturdy and beautiful rosaries:


      God bless.

  2. I received my first rosary as a gift and was not sure about the praying part. You have disclosed the details about getting started with praying the rosary and this is very helpful. With your help and sharing of how you pray, I will be praying multiple times a day. Will also be following you, for more good information to help be better understand the faith. 

    1. I’m thrilled to read your comments. It makes writing these posts all worth it. So thank you for that.

      Please get in touch if I can be of any help or if you have any questions.

      God bless you

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