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Hello there Rosary lovers! In this post we will look at: how to pray 4 rosaries a day.

4 Rosaries Daily Devotion

Devotion to praying 4 rosaries a day is growing. You can now find sites online and videos on YouTube of people who pray 4 rosaries a day, and then testify to how much it has changed their lives.

From a secular standpoint, this is not surprising. Praying 4 rosaries a day is effectively a powerful way to meditate for about an hour daily. A hour’s meditation should presumably have quite a powerful impact on an individual’s mindset.

But there is obviously far more going on with the Rosary than simply what the secular world might recognise. The Rosary is a gift from Mary. It is a profound grace from God, and is filled with blessings and indulgences.

The Rosary is an outstanding means to get to heaven. And it has turned countless sinners into saints. Pray the Rosary and watch your sins drop away from your life.

So praying 4 rosaries daily? Well, that’s going to have quite a spiritual impact, isn’t it? If God gives you the grace to do it, then DO IT! You can’t regret this investment in eternal life. Truly this is laying up treasure in heaven.

But how can we do it? Praying 4 rosaries a day is tiring. Day by day, slog by slog, it’s not easy. Trust me, I know, I’ve done it for well over a year.

But I have also developed ways to make it as enjoyable as possible, and as quick as possible, whilst losing nothing of the meditative and relaxing side.

So here are my tips on how to pray 4 rosaries a day, should you be interested.

Use a Pre-recorded Rosary

We live in a golden age of technology. It’s the age of the internet. So: why not use the internet as you pray? Why not even use the internet to PRAY FOR YOU?

You can search on YouTube or on Podcasts for pre-recorded rosary recitations. Many of them have music and pictures, all of which help you meditate and focus. You’ll find doing this a LOT less tiring than trying to recite all 200 Hail Marys yourself during the day.

I recommend the following:

This video from YouTube and Rosary Companion.

You can also find tonnes of great stuff from here, including some excellent pre-recorded Rosaries.

Anyway, you get the point; there’s plenty of pre-recorded rosaries out there.

Why? Because Catholics have see the value in using them. When we drive to work, when we are too tired after work to pray the rosary ourselves with our own lips, we can use the lips of someone else.

So far as I can tell, there is NOTHING wrong with this approach. It does not invalidate your recitations of the Rosary, you ARE reciting the Rosary even when you just lie back and let someone else pray it, and you listen and meditate.

I can prove this to you from the Enchiridion on Indulgences, an official Catholic Church document.

Go and read that document if you don’t believe me. At point 33, you will see that Catholics can still receive indulgences through prayers EVEN if they only pray half of a prayer or half a line of a prayer, and someone else prays the other half, or EVEN if someone else prays the whole prayer, and you listen and follow along in your mind.

And let’s not forget the Divine Office, which priests HAVE to pray daily. But do you know that it is acceptable for them to simply READ the Divine Office, even without moving their lips at all?

So let’s not imagine that using pre-recorded rosaries to pray the rosary is cheating, or lazy. So far as I can tell, it’s perfectly acceptable.

Pray the Rosaries throughout the Day

To be able to pray 4 rosaries a day, you will need to split it up constantly. You probably won’t even be able to pray one whole rosary at any point of the day, apart from the evening. It depends on your life.

I pray a decade here, a few decades there, and then pick up what’s left in the evening.

Try to Start Early!

A woman waking up

The best way to get the most out of this experience is undoubtedly to begin as soon as possible after waking up. For those of us with little ones running around, this isn’t very easy.

But on days when I find I have spare time in the morning before my day properly begins, getting through at least a few decades really can make praying the rest of the 4 rosaries much easier.

Not to mention that doing this is great for your spiritual life. Days where you have begun with Christ and Mary tend to be sweeter than those days when you can only really meet with them later.

Carry your Rosary Always with You

Always have your Rosary on you. If you don’t have one, check out this page, and perhaps it will help. I’ve got a rosary from this company and I LOVE it. It comes with me everywhere.

I carry my Rosary in my pocket all the time. It’s in my pocket right now, as I type. Sometimes I even sleep with it in my hand, it’s like holding Mary’s hand.

Having the Rosary on you will be an encouragement to pray it.

Make the most of those spare moments

We all get spare moments or a spare half hour during the day. For most of us, we shouldn’t pretend this isn’t the case. What do we do in those spare moments? Go on Facebook? Or on our phones? Watch TV?

Hey, it’s great to watch TV (I’m not really a fan of Facebook, I think it’s FAR too addictive). We all need to chill out. But if we were to give a good portion of these spare moments to reciting a decade or two of the Rosary, you’ll soon discover you have more than enough time on many days to pray 4 rosaries a day.

And if you really want something, if you REALLY want to do something, isn’t it true that you can always make time for it? Think about it.

I know this is true of me. No matter how much I tell myself otherwise, if I really want to do something, or accomplish something, I somehow miraculously find the time to do it. Desire finds time by sheer determination.

This is why praying 4 rosaries a day can be EASIER than praying 1 or 2 rosaries a day.


Yep, you heard me. Because to pray 1 or 2 rosaries a day, you subconsciously think, ‘Ah, I’ve got ages today to do that.’ So you leave it until 10pm at night when you’re shattered and just want to go to bed. And it becomes really hard to do it.

You don’t make the most of the spare moments if you only have 1 rosary to pray daily.

But praying 4 rosaries a day, you do make the most of the spare moments. You have to, or you can’t complete it daily. And so it gives you a mindset for finding it easier to pray the Rosary.

Seriously, there are plenty of days when I finish praying 4 rosaries and I think, ‘Do you know, I could easily do a fifth rosary today.’ That’s because my mind is IN THE ZONE. Why? Because I’ve made the most of those spare moments throughout the day. My mind is in Rosary Gear. Praying the Rosary is easier when your mind is in Rosary Gear.

It isn’t if I only pray 1 or 2 rosaries a day.

Pray the Rosaries Different Ways

On almost NO day do I pray all of the Rosaries in the same way. For some of the decades, I’ll use a pre-recorded rosary, but for others I’ll pray them myself.

Some I pray with great attention and devotion, and others I pray with my mind distracted.

Some I pray using images, others I pray without images.

Some I pray lying down or on the toilet, others I pray walking around.

Some I pray in the light, some in total darkness.

Shake it up a bit! If you do it the same way all the time, this can lead to boredom.

Ask Mary to Help you

The NUMBER ONE piece of advice I can offer is this one: everyday, ask Mary to help you pray her rosaries.

And she will give you the grace to pray 4 rosaries on that day.

Mary is Queen of the most holy Rosary. No-one can help you more to learn how to pray it than her.

Accept your Imperfections

Many of us are perfectionists. We want to pray perfectly. We want every decade we pray, every rosary, to be perfect.

This isn’t real life. We aren’t in heaven yet. Rarely do I get to enjoy precious moments of sheer contemplation when praying the Rosary.

Mary is such a loving mother, she will receive even your poor efforts, but all she wants is that we give it a try. Don’t focus on performance, but just try to give Mary something of your heart. If you do this, you’ll never pray a bad rosary.

And remember that Mary herself makes up for all your imperfections in reciting her Rosary. She’ll perfect it before God 🙂

So I hope those tips prove helpful. There’s probably more I could say, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

Any questions? Please get in touch.

God bless you!!!

10 Replies to “How to Pray 4 Rosaries a Day”

  1. Hi,

    I just read your article about how to pray four rosaries a day, and I have to say, I found it to be very insightful and inspiring. As someone who’s always been interested in incorporating more prayer and meditation into my daily routine, I appreciate the practical advice and tips you provided.

    One thing that stood out to me was the emphasis you placed on setting realistic goals and building up gradually. The idea of starting with one rosary a day and gradually increasing to four seems like a great way to establish a consistent practice without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.

    I also appreciated the advice you provided for staying focused and engaged during prayer, such as using visual aids like icons or candles, and varying the prayers and intentions each day. This seems like a great way to keep the practice fresh and engaging, and to deepen one’s spiritual connection.

    Overall, I think that your article is a great resource for anyone looking to establish a consistent prayer practice, whether it’s with the rosary or another form of prayer. Your emphasis on setting goals, building up gradually, and staying engaged is both practical and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your insights and expertise with us!

  2. I am not Catholic but I have always found the Rosary a beautiful symbol. Praying 4 Rosaries a day, would that mean 59 x 4 prayers?

    Even as a Christian I think that would be such a beautiful devotion of time to God and faith. I completely understand why you say it would change people’s lives.

    1. Hi there.

      Praying 4 Rosaries a day would mean praying 4 sets of 50 Hail Marys, so about 200 (give or take). You don’t have to do the introductory prayers each time you start a new rosary. You only have to do one set of introductory prayers at the start of the day and one set of concluding prayers at the end of the day.

      It is a beautiful devotion. It’s the most beautiful devotion I’ve experienced, and it has changed my life.

      If you want to watch a video of people whose lives it has changed, you can watch this:


  3. This article provides a helpful guide to those who are interested in praying four rosaries a day, emphasizing the spiritual benefits that can be gained from this practice. You also recognizes that it can be tiring to pray four rosaries a day and suggests using pre-recorded rosaries as a way to make the practice more enjoyable and efficient.

    Additionally, you offers practical tips such as praying the rosaries throughout the day, starting early in the morning, and carrying a rosary with you at all times. The article is a great resource for those who want to deepen their spiritual life through this powerful form of prayer.

    All the best,


  4. Thank you Matthew, I appreciate your perspective on how to pray four rosaries a day. I do not belong to the Roman Catholic Church so some of these ideas are pretty foreign to me.

    I have always been taught that we believers have direct access to God through our Lord Jesus Christ. I was a little taken aback by your instruction to pray to Mary and that she would help the believer in their goal of four rosaries per day.

    Can you explain to me the origin in the Scriptures for such a prayer and how that is consistent with Jesus Himself being our intercesser before the Father?

    1. Hi there. Thank you for your comment. I’ll answer obviously from a Catholic perspective.

      Indeed we do have direct access to God the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Sacrificial Victim of our Salvation. He is our means by which we worship God.

      However, in Catholicism, prayer and worship are not the same thing. Praying is simply approaching someone, asking for their help, talking to them, appealing to them. We do this all the time and we can do it with the saints, especially with our Mother Mary. Mary is our Mother because she is the Mother of our Lord and God. Since Christians are ‘in Christ’, we are all children of Mary, since Christ is Mary’s Offspring:

      ‘I will put enmity between you and the Woman [Mary], and between your offspring and hers [Christ].’ (Genesis 3:15).

      So we can approach Mary as we might approach our own parents. Just as Jesus relied on her when he was young and even knew her wonderful company when he was dying on the cross. She was there; she was one of few who were.

      Jesus undoubtedly trusted in Mary and loved her and was brought up by her and honoured her, and he treated her as any good son would treat a beloved Mother. Their relationship was and is unique. 

      Scripture teaches us that ‘as He Jesus is, so are we in this world,’ 1 John 2.

      So, we have to imitate Christ. Which means honouring Mary, loving her, relying on her for her motherly support, etc.

      Mary prays for the Church and for all Christians constantly anyway, so even if we don’t acknowledge her love for us, she loves us all the same. As Catholics, we think it’s best to acknowledge it.

      ‘Honour your father and mother’ is one of the Ten Commandments, and Christ honoured Mary (see end of Luke 2, where it says he submitted himself to Mary and Joseph).

      We should be like Christ and not only honour our earthly parents, but also honour Christ’s Mother, and even his foster-father, St Joseph. Since these are the Parents of our God, they are the greatest Parents in the human race, and they reign in heaven and live in Christ. They are very much alive.

      We can have a relationship with them, as Jesus did and still does.

      All that said, there is only One Mediator between God and mankind: Jesus Christ.

      And Jesus alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

      Mary is just a creature, as great as she is. And she is only our Mother and a great help to us IN CHRIST. Not at all outside of him.

      Mary is not another option BESIDES Christ. Everything she is, she is ONLY because of and in Christ.

      So although the saints and Mary intercede for us before God, really the one and only Intercessor is Christ, and it is only in him that any of us (saints and Mary included) can intercede for others.

      Hope that helps. God bless.

  5. Hello Matthew, I am having difficulty accepting the idea of having someone else pray a rosary for you while you just sit back and and meditate. I feel like this might not count as a “prayed” rosary. I know you gave a church document on this topic, but it seems outdated. The new 1983 code of canon law doesn’t specify what the 1968 document of indulgences said about gaining merit by listening to prayers… what the 1968 document of indulgences said was also in the 1917 code of canon law, but that canon is not longer in affect because of the new 1983 code of canon law. If you have more church documentation you can provide for me, that would be helpful. I desire to pray more rosaries but I can’t because of vocal issues. I’m sorry if I sound like a doubting Thomas. You might understand where I’m coming from. It just doesn’t seem natural to just let someone else pray for you and just sit back and meditate.

    God bless this website!

    1. Hello there, good to hear from you. Apologies for not getting back sooner.

      That’s fine if that is your opinion on the matter. I guess there is freedom regarding this issue. I’m not sure the Church has anything clearly to say on it.

      In any case, the Rosary is a devotion and ‘rules’ for devotions are fairly relaxed. I wouldn’t think they are binding, as such.

      Presumably merely listening to the Rosary is better than not praying it at all?

      I would say, in your case, just do what you feel comfortable or happy with. It’s no good lying back listening to a Rosary if you’re constantly concerned that you may not really be praying.

      God bless.

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