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Hello there Rosary lovers! In this post we will ask: does Jesus want me to be happy?

Jesus loves you!

Jesus loves you more than you could possibly imagine. He created you, he formed you in your mother’s womb.

He died for you and absolutely wants what is best for you.

There is NO-ONE who loves you like Jesus.

Of course he wants you to be happy!! He longs for your happiness. He longs for you to find everything in life that will make you happy, both now, and forever.

We don’t know what will make us happy

However, here’s the problem and the warning. You and I do NOT always know what will make us happy.

Often our emotions tell us what will make us happy. But our emotions are fallen and not entirely reliable.

Our mind and reason tell us what will make us happy. But our mind and reasoning faculties are not entirely reliable.

Our senses tell us what will make us happy, but these also are not fully reliable and trustworthy.

Our hearts often tell us what will make us happy. But our hearts are often wrong and often lead us astray, and our heart is certainly not always reliable.

Sometimes we simply want things that are wrong to desire.

For instance, if you want someone who is married, then you are desiring something WRONG, something that will make you and everyone involved desperately unhappy in the longrun.

If you want that promotion at work, but it means you need to lie about someone, or stab someone in the back, then that promotion will NOT make you happy in the long run, because this is a WRONG way to get a promotion.

Jesus wants none of this for you. He wants you to follow God’s way. He wants you to begin with trusting in him, and trusting that he knows best.

Christianity = True Happiness

Being a Christian is not about renouncing happiness. Far from it! The entire Christian message is about happiness: that God wants us to be happy forever with him!

True happiness is being with God forever, gazing on the Face of Love Divine. In the Catholic Church, we call this the beatific vision.

To experience God like this is WHAT YOU WERE MADE FOR. It is the ONLY thing that will ever make you truly happy permanently.

Your happiness in this world is dependent on how much you seek God’s face in this life, here and now. You will not see God face to face in this world, not yet, but the mere fact that you are seeking his face now WILL truly satisfy you down here.

But this longing for God will also give you a true desire to be with God in heaven. That’s right, we should be ready for heaven now, ready to see God today, or tonight. This should be the desire of our lives.

Whom have I in heaven but You? And this earth has nothing I desire besides You.’ – Psalm 73:25.

Suffering and Happiness

We in the West are not used to this attitude. And I would imagine it is an attitude that can only come by God’s grace and usually also through a good deal of suffering.

The Western world is very opposed to any form of personal suffering, seeing nothing of any value in it, other than something which destroys personal happiness.

But the Gospel transforms our sufferings into ways by which we can conform more to Jesus Christ and his glorious crucifixion. To be like him in his sufferings.

Suffering is supposed to drive us to God, to Jesus, to find inner peace, comfort and happiness.

I have found that those times I have experienced the most prolonged suffering, unease and interior turmoil have often been the most precious times of my life.

Not because the experiences themselves were pleasant, which they certainly were not. But because such experiences have always led me to deeper prayer and deeper reliance on Jesus, and a deeper desire to be with him.

Because of this, these times have often been marked with a strange sweetness that have made them very special times.

For instance, the happiest year of my life was 2021, which was also the hardest.

How to Find Happiness NOW

So yes, absolutely, Jesus wants you to be happy! Of course he does! But he wants the RIGHT KIND of happiness for you.

He’s not so interested in your fleeting happiness that comes and goes, and is dependent on so many factors.

Jesus is interested in you finding HIM and living everyday with him, hand in hand, so that he can lead you to God the Father in heaven.

The whole journey from here to heaven with Jesus is a very happy journey, even if it is filled with pain and suffering. Because to have Jesus is what makes life worth living.

Nothing can satisfy like Jesus. He is the Bread of Heaven, who satisfies our hungry souls with his own flesh and blood in the Holy Eucharist and with his Holy Spirit.

Ultimately, we will never find permanent happiness here in this world. Our true and permanent happiness awaits us in heaven, but only if we follow the journey with Christ to heaven.

In my own personal experience of Jesus, I have found his Mother’s Rosary as the most precious way to walk with him. That is why I created this website.

I highly recommend the most holy Rosary, and getting to know Mary, as an extremely powerful way to know Jesus as much as possible.

I hope that helps. God bless you and please get in touch if you have any questions.

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  1. I love this perspective on does Jesus want you to be happy! You’re definitely spot on about the fact that so many people are opposed to suffering of any kind. In life, we will inevitably have difficult moments, but it’s overcoming those difficult moments that make happiness so much better. It’s so important for us to chase the right kind of happiness.

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