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Hello Rosary lovers! In this post we will try to answer the query: is it OK to keep a Rosary in your pocket?

As far as I know, yes it is fine to keep a Rosary in your pocket.

I say this because I’ve heard a Catholic Bishop condone this practice. During his homily one Mass, he mentioned that some Catholics keep a Rosary in their pockets as a form of devotion to God. He didn’t at all condemn the practice, but seemed rather to recommend it. Or he at least suggested it was a legitimate form of piety.

I myself do this very thing all the time. Right this moment I have my Rosary in my pocket.

My Rosary is quite unique and it’s the only one of its kind in the world (I had it custom-made). If you want to check out my Rosary, I have a post on it here.

Why do I keep my Rosary in my pocket?

I keep my Rosary in my pocket because it is too small to wear as a necklace. Would I wear it as a necklace anyway, even if it were big enough? Probably not, since I already wear the Brown Scapular permanently and I don’t want anything else around my neck.

But, so far as I know, it’s not wrong to wear a Rosary around your neck. Although be aware that there are many Catholics out there who do not applaud this practice.

We shouldn’t wear the Rosary as a necklace just because it looks good. It’s not a fashion-accessory. It’s a sacred religious object blessed by God and needs to be treated with devotion and respect.

So if I didn’t keep my Rosary in my pocket, I wouldn’t have anywhere else to put it on my body. I WANT it with me all the time, and I don’t want to go anywhere without it. So that’s why it stays in my pocket.

I’ve even been known to sleep with it in my hand, especially during highly stressful times, and it has helped.

Having my Rosary in my pocket constantly does make a difference to me. I can’t explain why, other than that I would feel rather lost if it wasn’t. I like being able to pull it out when I need it. I like having a religious object on my person, it is a bit like having something of God with me all the time.

Rosary in pocket or Brown Scapular?

I was once going to work and I realised that I hadn’t put on my Brown Scapular after my shower. I was without it all day. That day I really felt like I was missing something. Even though I had my Rosary in my pocket, it still wasn’t the same.

If I had to choose between a Rosary in my pocket and the Brown Scapular around my neck, I would definitely choose the Scapular every time. The Brown Scapular is an exceptional sacramental object, and is a very easy way to pray all the time and to avoid hell. Check it out here.

But it’s even better to wear the Brown Scapular and to keep the Rosary in my pocket all the time, and that’s what I do every day without fail.

So yes, it’s fine to keep your Rosary in your pocket. Go for it 🙂

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God bless you!

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