Hello there my dear Rosary lovers! In this post, I will offer a review of my own olive wood cord Rosary beads.

I bought my olive wood paracord Rosary from this company. This is a great company, and their rosaries are in high demand. It’s little wonder why when you receive one of their products.

The olive wood Rosary I purchased was actually originally intended to have copper beads instead of olive wood ones.

The theme of this Rosary was the Year of St Joseph (for 2021), and the company called it The Carpenter Rosary. You can see it here.

I thought it would be an awesome idea if this Rosary had wooden beads instead of copper ones. One of their other products contains olive wood beads from Bethlehem, so I figured this would be a really cool idea for a Rosary with the Carpenter theme.

My request was granted and this is what came in the post.

Olive wood paracord rosary

I adored it the moment I first laid eyes on it.

It was smaller than I imagined. It won’t fit round your neck, for instance. But very quickly I came to see what an excellent size it is.

It fits into my hand with ease, and I hardly feel it in my pocket. It’s also not ‘shouty’, so I don’t feel embarrassed when I take it out in public to pray with it.

I use this Rosary every single day without fail. I have it on me ALL the time, unless I’m sleeping or in the shower. I have even been known to sleep with it in my hand, and have been amazed when I wake up to find it STILL in my hand.

The crucifix is a gorgeous wooden look, even though its made of metal. You notice this from the back of the crucifix.

Back of the crucifix

The front of the crucifix also has a wooden look.

Front of the crucifix

I have used this Rosary every day for a year, and it has also been in my pocket for a year. Surprisingly, it is still in very good condition, as you can hopefully see.

I was so sick of all my other rosaries breaking. There’s nothing worse than buying a rosary, investing it with your prayers and with the priest’s blessing, only for it to break 2 weeks later.

The rope for this one is made of paracord. In theory, this Rosary is unbreakable.

In any case, the company will send me another if it breaks because it comes with a life-time guarantee.

I own another Rosary that has a lot more bells and whistles than this one, but this is my favourite because of its simplicity. I didn’t need any medals with it, because it has everything a solid Rosary should. It’s virtually unbreakable, has a stunning crucifix and is made of paracord and olive wood.

What more could I want in a Rosary?

I also really like that the beads aren’t metal, because when I use a rosary with metal beads my fingers end up smelling of metal.

Check out the company yourself and have a look at their products. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed 🙂

God bless you.

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