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Hello there Rosary Lovers! It’s Monday today, October 24th, 2022. So let’s look at how to pray the Rosary on Monday.

In fact, I’ll share with you how I’ve prayed the Rosary today. I hope you’ll find it useful reading about how someone else prays the Rosary. It may help you to realise it’s actually really rather straightforward!

My Personal Rosary Schedule

Now then, I pray the entire Rosary everyday, which means I pray all the mysteries of the Rosary daily. All 15 mysteries.

These days I leave out the Luminous mysteries sadly 🙁 simply because my life is incredibly full-on at present. I sometimes wish I could get back to the Luminous mysteries everyday again, but it’s just not the right time.

The days I prayed all 20 mysteries daily, including the Luminous mysteries, were often arduous, and often easy, but always a tremendous blessing. I miss those days. They were the best days of my life.

Nevertheless: I still pray the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries everyday 🙂 All 15 traditional Rosary mysteries. This is classed as the ENTIRE Rosary, since the Luminous mysteries are still optional.

I always start everyday with the Joyful mysteries. It’s Monday today, the day of the Joyful mysteries. I’ve already prayed the Joyful mysteries today. So I thought I’d share with you how I did it.

Joyful Mysteries

Let’s first begin with what the Monday mysteries are. You must memorise the mysteries of the Rosary if you want to be able to pray it anywhere.

For Monday, we have the Joyful mysteries. You can of course pray any set of Rosary mysteries you wish, but the Church recommends you pray the Joyful mysteries on a Monday. You presumably get extra blessing for praying the same prayers and meditations as the rest of the Church on a given day.

The Joyful mysteries are:

  1. The Annunciation
  2. The Visitation
  3. The Nativity of Our Lord
  4. The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
  5. The Finding of Jesus in the Temple

Here’s how I prayed these mysteries today.

How I Prayed the Rosary this Monday

I sat down with my Rosary and my mobile phone (!!! shock horror!!!). Haha, a mobile phone can be VERY, VERY useful when praying the Rosary, so long as you don’t go on Facebook or Youtube mid-prayer.

I began with the sign of the cross, using the crucifix. I then prayed the SHORT introductory prayers.

These are as follows …

Straight after doing the sign of the cross you recite:

“Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.”

“O God come to my assistance. O Lord make haste to help me.”

“Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and forever shall be, world without end. Amen.”


DONE. Short and sweet. Now to the mysteries.

I opened up some pictures on my phone of the first joyful mystery, the Annunciation. I announced the mystery, and then I had a look at the picture.

I recited the Our Father.

I then recited 10 Hail Marys whilst looking at the picture. During the 10 Hail Marys, I went to another picture, then another.

I finished with the Glory Be and the ‘O my Jesus’ prayer.

I find using pictures keeps the recitation stimulating. I am a very visual person, as most of us are, and I enjoy scrolling through pictures of the mystery as I recite the mysteries.

This is a GREAT way to pray the Rosary, because it means you are actually really meditating on the mystery. Which is the whole point of praying the Rosary.

The Rosary, in essence, is a shared experience with Mary. We read in Scripture how Mary ‘pondered and kept these things in her heart.’ The Rosary helps us do just this: keep and ponder the precious events that Mary kept and pondered.

Therefore, the more we meditate on each mystery, the more likely we are to share in Mary’s own experience of each mystery.

Using pictures help us do this. It also makes the time go much faster.

I vary the way I pray the Rosary. Sometimes I do this, other times I just have my Rosary and my imagination or a quick image in my head. Sometimes I just have words. Sometimes I don’t even have my Rosary!

The important thing is to just get it done. Just pray the Rosary. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just get it done daily.

I came to the next mystery, the Visitation. Again, a picture came up and I recited the prayers (1 Our Father, 10 Hail Marys). I went through a few pictures and finished with the Glory Be.

I repeated this process for the Nativity, the third mystery.

For the fourth mystery, the Presentation in the Temple, my pictures didn’t work. So I relied here on my imagination.

I pictured an image in my head (from pictures I’ve seen before) of this mystery. I then prayed the prayers (1 Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, 1 Glory Be).

For the fifth mystery, the Finding of Jesus in the Temple, the pictures worked again. I used these to help me meditate on the mystery as I recited the prayers.

Various Ways to Pray the Rosary

Praying the Rosary is essentially very simple. All it requires is some sort of meditation on the mystery, and reciting the prayers: 1 Our Father, 10 Hail Marys and 1 Glory Be.

The simplest and most common method of meditating on each mystery is merely to ANNOUNCE the mystery. This suffices for a basic meditation.

It is highly profitable, however, to use pictures as you recite the mysteries, or to use your imagination. In fact, the Virgin Mary herself recommended at Fatima to picture an image in your head of the mystery.

If you aren’t very imaginative, or your mind is tired, you could also add a word or phrase in the midst of each Hail Mary.

For instance, let’s say you are praying the mystery of the Presentation in the Temple. You’d say in the middle of each Hail Mary: ‘Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus, presented [in the temple]. Holy Mary, Mother of God …’ etc.

Or you could begin the mystery with announcing the mystery and saying a short meditation, like this.

Let’s say you are praying the Nativity. You would begin: ‘The Nativity of our Lord. Let us think about Christ’s birth of the holy Virgin at Bethlehem. Let us ponder the humility of his birth in poverty.’ Or anything you like!

You control the meditation really, and it can be different each time. So long as you are meditating on some aspect of the mystery, go for it. Go where the Holy Spirit leads you.


So there you have it. The Rosary mysteries for Monday, and how I often do it. I hope you’ve found it encouraging, and I hope you can see how easy and simple this approach is.

The most vital thing to always remember is that all Mary asks is that we give it a go. You probably will never pray a perfect Rosary. You might never pray a perfect decade or mystery in your entire life. It doesn’t matter. Just give it a go.

Mary is a wonderful Mother, she’s such a good Mother and loves us so much. When she sees her children putting in the slightest effort it thrills her immaculate Heart.

It’s a very good idea to always ask her to help you pray the Rosary before praying it each day.

Should you have any questions, please get in touch.

==> And should you want help finding a lovely set of Rosary beads to help you pray, you can check out this link <==

God bless you greatly, through Mary Immaculate, our Mother!

4 Replies to “How to Pray the Rosary on Monday!”

  1. The Joyful Mysteries are my favorite mysteries in the Rosary.  I do love how they focus on the Birth of Christ and the Joy in Mother Mary’s heart.  I’m not going to lie, this makes me miss being Catholic to an extent, especially as Christmas comes around and All Saints Day.  I used to meditate upon each mystery, and say a prayer afterward before I would go to the Hail Mary decades.

    1. Thank you, this is wonderful to hear.

      Well, if you ever want to come back to the Church, her arms are wide open, as are Mary’s! God never stops pursuing us and calling us back.

      If you are an ex-Catholic, it’s an extremely small step back for you. I take it you have been confirmed? All you would need to do if you ever wanted to return is to go to Confession and take the Eucharist. Done. All forgiven and forgotten. As easy as that.

      Will you attend Church for Christmas and All Saints day?

      You can, of course, take up the Rosary again. I highly recommend you do so. You may be surprised what God does through it.

      God bless

  2. Thank you for an interesting article. As someone who is only has a general understanding of praying the Rosary, this was a beneficial article. You go into a lot of detail and explain everything well. I like how you mention contemplating the mystery, and how it doesn’t have to be perfect, the point is that you’re taking the action.

    1. Thank you, yes I enjoyed writing that one. I think it helps people a lot when you explain your own approach to something. 

      God bless

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