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Hello Rosary Lovers! The question of this post is: Do I have to be Catholic to pray the Rosary?

Good question! It seems to be a question asked quite a lot.

People who are not Catholic tend to assume the Rosary is just for Catholics. There’s this assumption that non-Catholics must not pray the Rosary.

This is nonsense! Mary is the Mother of us ALL! We are ALL children of Mary! The world’s worst sinner or the world’s biggest atheist is still a true child of Mary.

This is because we are all God’s children. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, members of any other religion, and agnostics and atheists. Everyone is a child of God. And Jesus has come to save us all, and God the Father loves us all.

God loves every single person in the world as if he only had one child and as if there were no-one else to love.

Jesus loves you so much that if it was necessary for him to come back all over again, and suffer and be crucified all over again JUST TO SAVE YOU, he would do it.

This is true whether you are a Christian or not.

Now, obviously, whether you believe and accept these things to be true or not is a big deal. Rejecting God’s love for you is an extremely serious matter, and we would urge you to receive God’s love into your soul.

We would encourage you to do this by beginning to speak to Jesus and to his Mother Mary.

We would urge you to seek out a Catholic Church and to begin to learn about the Catholic faith.

We would recommend you approach a Catholic priest asking him to baptise you, if you wish to become a Christian.

If you are already baptised (as an infant, for instance), we would encourage you to approach a Catholic priest and discuss your situation with him.

It is vital we accept God’s love, because God will not force us to do so.

So, as to the question of this post.

Do you have to be Catholic to pray the Rosary?

No, no, no! You don’t!

We would STRONGLY recommend that you begin praying the Rosary even if you aren’t a Catholic.

This is because praying the Rosary will lead you to Christ, which will lead you to God.

Praying the Rosary will lead you to the holy Catholic Church and to the fullness of salvation and God’s love and mercy.

Praying the Rosary will bring you into a relationship with the all-holy Mother of God, Mary full of grace. She will show you how to live. She will guide you. She will protect you.

Mary will lead you into the Church and into the fullness of Jesus Christ.

Mary is the great secret of finding God, because she holds God’s Son always on her lap.

So please, go for it! Learn to pray the Rosary, and pray it, even as a non-Catholic.

The prayers are holy and they will help you to purge away your sins and to find God’s mercy and salvation.

The Rosary is the Gospel on a string and it will lead you to Jesus and help you to get to know God and the saving Gospel of Christ.

The Rosary will bring miracles into your life, miracles of soul and of circumstance.

We would recommend that you don’t just pray the Rosary, but that you speak to and commune with Mary.

You can have a relationship with Mary RIGHT NOW. All you need to do is begin talking to her like you would a friend in the same room or on the phone. She is listening and she will bring your prayers to Jesus and to God.

I would almost say that if you begin a relationship with Mary, you will be saved someday. You cannot be lost if you begin and maintain a real, living relationship with Mary.

In fact, you may wish to think of joining the Confraternity of the Rosary, which does not exclude non-Catholics from joining. See this link for more information.

By joining, you will get the prayers of the entire Confraternity for you, both in life and in death. This is a very good idea if you are praying at least 3 rosaries a week (which, frankly, is very easy).

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I wish you all the best, and if you have any questions please let me know.

God bless and happy Rosary praying!

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