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Hello Rosary lovers! In today’s post, we will ask: do Christians use Rosary beads?

Rosary or prayer beads are common all over the world, in many different religions.

For instance, in Islam. Prayer beads are VERY popular in Islam. Check this out! Sometimes it is even called a rosary!

Rosaries are also very common in Buddhism. Have a look here.

Hinduism also uses rosaries.

So prayer beads and rosaries are used all over the world, by all sorts of people. Evidently, there is something special about a string with beads on it!

Why Prayer Beads are so Universal in Humanity

The reason for this is because meditation of the transcendent realm and on the Divine is universal amongst humanity.

Repeating an ‘incantation’ or a simple prayer again and again has been used by many religious traditions to help people to step into the Divine and the transcendent realm above us and beyond us.

This practice helps us come into contact with our very own souls, and to step beyond the material we see all around us. Sometimes we can even meet with God or the Divine in a special way.

Sets of rosary or prayer beads help us keep track of how many of these simple prayers or ‘incantations’ we are praying.

As for whether Christians specifically use rosary beads, let’s begin with Protestants.

Protestants and the Rosary

Not all Protestants use Rosary beads. In fact, most don’t use Rosary beads.

But many do.

In fact, the very first Rosary I ever bought was from an Anglican gift shop, and Anglicans are Protestants.

I loved that Rosary, but unfortunately after a few months of using it, it broke. As did all the others I bought from various places.

Eventually I began buying paracord rosaries, because they don’t break. You can have a look at some here.

Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformer, used to pray the Rosary. He kept up devotion to the Rosary even when he left (and was excommunicated by) the Catholic Church.

Luther had an extremely high view of Mary for a Protestant. Apparently he always believed in her immaculate conception and her ever-virginity.

All his life, Luther quite possibly believed in all 4 of the modern Catholic dogmas on Mary. If he did, then he was probably the only Protestant Reformer who did so. This is significant, since he is the main founder of Protestant Christianity.

Coming back to the Anglicans, many Anglicans are devoted to the Rosary. However, they tend to use their own version of the Rosary. You can see that here. Anglican rosaries tend to have clumps of 7 beads, instead of clumps of 10, as in the Catholic rosary.

Outside of Anglo-Catholics, Anglicans will tend to avoid the Hail Mary, because it is a prayer to Mary. Most Anglicans are not comfortable with prayers to Mary, so they’ll use another prayer instead, such as the Jesus Prayer: ‘Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.’

Orthodox Christians

Some Orthodox Christians are also devoted to the Rosary. In the marvellous Orthodox classic ‘Way of a Pilgrim’, the pilgrim constantly uses his ‘rosary’ to pray the Jesus Prayer.

Devotion to the Rosary has been taken up by some parts of the Orthodox Christian world, particularly Western Orthodox Christians. Western Orthodox Christians try to incorporate some Western (or Roman Catholic) practices into their form of Orthodoxy Christianity.

The Byzantine Orthodox (most Orthodox Christians) have their own version of the Rosary, with their own set of mysteries to mediate upon. The main prayer they use is an alternative version of the Hail Mary Catholic prayer, but both prayers are in truth extremely similar.

The Orthodox version of the Hail Mary goes like this:

Rejoice O Virgin and Theotokos, Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, for thou hast borne the Saviour of our souls.

Catholics and the Rosary

Then, of course, there are the Catholics. Catholics are most definitely Christians (even though when I was younger I used to deny this!!).

Catholics are very devoted to the Rosary, although not all Catholics are devoted to it. Catholics do NOT have to pray the Rosary. Catholics don’t have to be devoted to the Rosary. But many are.

Catholics are the largest group of Christians who publish the Rosary beads worldwide. Jesus wants Catholics to publish the Rosary all over the world, and Mary requested this of St Dominic.

Devotion to Mary in the Rosary equates to greater devotion to Jesus Christ. We cannot love Mary more than Jesus does, and Mary always directs attention to her Son.

Focus on Mary is focus on Christ, because Mary is the New Covenant Temple of the living Christ. To turn towards the Temple is to turn towards the God who dwells in the Temple. It is not possible to turn to the living Temple of Mary and to fail to turn to Jesus the God who dwells in her.


So, yes, all sorts of Christians use Rosary beads. Rosary beads are extremely popular worldwide, and they are one of the most popular forms of religious devotion in the world.

Should you be interested in getting hold of a Catholic rosary, then click here.

I hope this post was helpful, and if you have any questions, please get in touch.

God bless you.

4 Replies to “Do Christians Use Rosary Beads?”

  1. Thank you for sharing such an informative and insightful article about the use of rosary beads in Christian faith. As a practicing Christian, I can attest to the benefits of using rosary beads as a tool for prayer and meditation.

    In my personal experience, using the rosary beads has helped me to focus my mind and connect more deeply with my faith. The repetition of the prayers and the tactile sensation of the beads in my hands creates a calming and meditative environment, allowing me to feel closer to God and more in tune with my own spiritual journey.

    I appreciate the history and background provided in your article, as well as the practical tips for using rosary beads effectively in prayer. I believe that the use of rosary beads can be a valuable addition to any Christian’s spiritual practice, and I would encourage anyone who has not yet tried it to give it a chance.

    Thank you again for sharing this important information about the use of rosary beads in Christian faith, and for promoting a deeper understanding of the rich traditions and practices of our faith.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments, particularly sharing your own experience of praying with prayer beads!

      God bless

  2. I’ve often wondered why religious people, especially Roman Catholics, are devoted to praying with the Rosary. You have answered some of that for me. I am a Protestant that does not use the Rosary. I think we don’t because we don’t focus on repetitive praying, which is what I took away from your article. 

    I think the closest I’ve come to being in a group that holds “something” is when I have prayed in a group while holding a small wooden cross. The purpose was to help us to focus in our praying on the finished work of Christ on the cross. T

    thank you for your information post. 

    1. Hi there! Yes, I appreciate what you’re saying, repetitive praying isn’t common in Protestant Christianity.

      I remember long before I became Catholic, whilst an Evangelical Protestant, I was attracted to the idea of holding a wooden cross during prayer. I never took the plunge and bought one, but whenever I went into an Anglican gift shop (which was often) I often thought of buying it.

      God bless you!

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