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Hey all you Rosary lovers! I have had an update in my own prayer life in that I am back praying the entire Rosary again, everyday. That’s right, all 4 rosaries a day.

So, for well over a year, I prayed 4 rosaries a day. This was far and away the best spiritual devotion of my entire life. I needed nothing else alongside it.

However, a few months ago, I made a decision following God’s lead to drop one of these rosaries. I ended up praying 3 rosaries a day for a few months.

This was a good devotion, but it meant I had to give up the Luminous mysteries, so that I could pray the entire traditional Rosary daily. The problem was that I really missed the Luminous mysteries. I feel like that really complete the Rosary.

In December 2022, I got ill. I had a very nasty chest infection and couldn’t pray the Rosary myself. No matter how often I tried, I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even pray one Hail Mary on my own. So I pulled back from the Rosary for a few days, and focused just on some consecration prayers to Mary.

However, I was starting to feel like I was seriously missing something. So I began to listen to the Rosary recited on a podcast, whilst praying along silently. This was a blessing and it worked.

So, for the last week and half or so, I have been back praying the entire Rosary – all 4 a day.

I mix and match. This means, sometimes I pray the Rosary myself, and other times I make use of a pre-recorded podcast of someone reciting the Rosary.

I have found that it doesn’t make any difference to my spiritual life which I use. Both are effective and both are acceptable ways of praying the Rosary.

Sometimes I look at a few images from Google on the mystery under consideration, whilst the podcast is reciting it.

I am so glad to be back doing this. I was really missing it. My soul was really missing it and my life has seen already some significant changes as a result of doing it.

For one thing, the Rosary is FAR EASIER to pray when you are praying more of it. I find praying 4 rosaries a day is easier than praying 1 or 2 daily. This is because you become more accustomed to making the best use of your free time by praying it.

When you only have 1 or 2 rosaries to pray during the day, you tend to leave the Rosary until last, and then it becomes harder. But with 4 rosaries a day, you need to spread it throughout the day, if possible, otherwise you end up with a lot left in the evening.

However, even if this happens, now that I’m using a podcast to pray the Rosary for me, it is not difficult to get through more than 1 rosary in one sitting.

So again, as I do often on this site, I would like to really encourage you to take up reciting the Rosary. Perhaps you too would like to use a podcast. I find this one really helpful, but there are plenty out there.

Also, don’t forget to use images from Google as you pray each mystery. This can really improve the enjoyment factor when praying the Rosary. It can also help you meditate much better on the mystery.

The better you meditate on the mystery when reciting the Rosary, the better you are praying the Rosary.

I need to mention something else, however. I have also been undergoing what seem to be some unpleasant spiritual attacks as a result of doing this. Often when I am reciting the Rosary, unwanted thoughts enter my mind. I am wondering whether this is connected with my renewed practice. The Devil HATES the Rosary – REALLY, REALLY hates the Rosary.

I have found myself often going to sleep at night with my Rosary in one of my hands. One morning I even woke up and it was STILL in my hand 🙂 Apparently, just holding the Rosary causes demonic powers to flee from you.

If you haven’t got a Rosary, consider looking at this page, because these rosaries are absolutely ideal. I got mine from this company and it’s perfect. Plus, I got it custom made, which is a cool perk.

So, I’ll perhaps keep you posted on how I am doing with praying the 4 rosaries a day. But I do sincerely want to continue with this if it is possible, because as I’ve said before, I have NEVER found such a rich and perfect spiritual devotion.

I would LOVE to hear about your spiritual devotions and your prayer life, so please share in the comments below or get in touch by email (you can find at the end of this post).

God’s richest blessings to you, through Mary, Queen of the most holy Rosary.

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