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Hello Rosary lovers! In this post, we will ask: can you say the Rosary in bed?

The short answer is, yes, you can. So far as I know, the Catholic Church does not require Catholics to pray in any particular posture. Kneeling is recommended, however.

I’m always reminded that David prayed in bed in the Psalms, as when he said things like ‘I water my bed with tears’ Psalm 6:6. He was calling out to God all night on his very bed, so much so that his bed got soaked in his tears.

In fact, I find that praying the Rosary in bed is an excellent way to pray it. The Rosary is a meditation on the Gospel and requires attention and focus. It also benefits from a reasonable amount of relaxation.

I would recommend that to get the most out of the Rosary it isn’t a bad idea to make sure you are comfortable when praying it. Not TOO comfortable, not so comfortable that you fall asleep. But comfortable enough to be able to think upon and gaze upon Christ in his mysteries.

My favourite way to pray the Rosary is to lie in bed or on my bed, and to listen to it being recited by someone else in a recording. I also enjoy a bit of background music. And I search the internet for pictures relevant to the mystery.

All I do is lie back, but the recording deals with the prayers and the internet provides the pictures! All I do is the ONE THING that you must do when praying the Rosary: I meditate and fix my attention on Christ and Mary.

So I would warmly recommend this method if you think it may help you in your spiritual life.

But yes, so far as I know, you can absolutely pray the Rosary in bed. Sometimes that is the only place to pray it, especially if you are a parent with young ones running around you all day!!

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God bless!

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