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Hello my dear Rosary lovers! In this post we will look at where to buy a Rosary.

The Joy of Owning a Great Rosary

Owning a quality Rosary is one of life’s great blessings. After getting it blessed, you can carry on you a sacred item constantly that draws the grace of God into your life.

You can carry a Rosary with you everywhere and it always reminds you to pray when you hold it. You can pull it out and kiss the crucifix on it whenever you wish.

Not all Rosaries are created equal

However, it can be a challenge to find a solid Rosary, one that won’t break after a few weeks or months.

Unfortunately I have had the experience of buying a rosary, getting it blessed, and then it breaks a few weeks later. This has happened to me time and time again.

Sorry to say, but it happened generally because I bought the Rosary from a physical shop. Christian local shops tend to stock precisely the kind of rosaries that often break on you. That’s been my experience anyway.

I have NOTHING against Christian local stores, and they are a GREAT blessing. I wish there were more of them. But they do tend to sell cheaper rosaries that aren’t long-lasting. Sadly.

I really don’t see the point of this. Any rosaries that are sold should really be long-lasting, because rosary beads are designed specifically for the purpose of being used everyday. If they fail to last longer than a few months, they are not much use.

Plus any rosary that breaks on you you cannot just throw away. You have to bury it, and this can mean that you end up with a stock of broken rosaries that you haven’t yet gotten round to burying.

I would simply rather buy ONE rosary that lasts a life-time and doesn’t break, so that I don’t NEED to bury it. I’m sure I’m not alone here.

Hey, you may get lucky and find a rosary that won’t break after a while of use. I wasn’t so lucky.

So I offer my experience with this so that you may find better luck than I did.

Buying a Rosary Online

I decided to go online and find a Rosary.

Of course, one of the major advantages here is you have MUCH, MUCH more selection.

The other advantage is that you often come across reviews and ratings for different rosaries.

My first experience buying a Rosary online was better than anywhere else, but it still broke after a few months. This was a great disappointment. I bought it on Amazon after looking at the rating and reading the reviews. It was a 4.5/5 rated product with lots of reviews, so it was a real surprise that it ended up being a failure in my case.

I think I had nearly given up buying rosaries by this point since every, single one I had ever owned had broken.

Paracord Rosaries!

Then I came across paracord rosaries. You cannot go wrong with a paracord rosary.

Paracord rosaries are made of – you guessed it – paracord. Paracord is an extremely stong substance. It is an ingenious idea to make rosaries out of paracord and whoever came up with this idea deserves a round of applause!

Since discovering paracord rosaries, I have only bought TWO rosaries, that’s all. And the first one was so good I didn’t need to buy the second. Both are still in perfect working order, and I use the second everyday and it withstands being in my pocket all the time, seven days a week.

The only time I take it out of my pocket is when I go to sleep. Sometimes I have even slept with it in my hand.

Here is a picture of my favourite Rosary

Olive wood paracord rosary

I got this rosary from this company here, and I highly recommend their rosaries. I am even thinking of buying another one of theirs, but I haven’t gotten round to this yet.

There are obviously other good online companies out there which sell rosaries, but I would always recommend going for paracord rosaries, because they are pretty much guaranteed not to break.

One advantage of buying from this company is that their rosaries come with a life-time guarantee. Plus some of the money goes to a charitable cause. So you can’t go wrong really. It’s a win win situation.

Another advantage is that some paracord rosaries (such as the first one I bought) are really quite large and will struggle to fit nicely into your pocket. The one in the picture is the absolute perfect size. Just be aware it is not big enough to wear around your neck, if that is your thing.

Paracord rosaries are always more expensive, this is true. But in the long run they end up being cheaper. Because by the time you’ve gone through 4 or 5 substandard cheaper rosaries, you may as well have bought one that will actually last.

Plus you will probably want to get a rosary blessed by a Catholic priest everytime you buy one, so it gets frustrating for you constantly asking your priest to bless ANOTHER rosary because the former one has broken. Again. Not that your priest minds, of course.

So my advice would be to perhaps bypass your local store and purchase a rosary online, preferably from here. I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed. The rosaries from this company are in high demand.

God bless you and if you have any questions, please get in touch.

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